Terms & Conditions

  1. The payment of the deposit is your acceptance of a contract between you (the buyer) and Fabric Covered Shutters (the company) to supply the goods set out in the proposal. If for any reason a deposit is not requested or paid, the terms and conditions will still be binding if proof of acceptance of the proposal to supply can be shown.
  2. The company will use its best endeavours to complete delivery on time but cannot be liable for any delay caused by a third party supplier. Therefore the buyer cannot cancel the contract due to such an instance without payment of the company’s expenses following any relevant purchases (proof of expenses will be given).
  3. Because our fabric-covered shutters are handmade, manufacturing such a bespoke product is very time-consuming. Our order book is reflected by a turnaround for production of approximately 8 weeks (this does not constitute a contract for completion). Production of your shutters will be booked in once the 50% deposit has been received.
  4. The company reserves the right to invoice any proposal in stages (the work completed) and to apportion only relevant deposit/s to the invoice.
  5. The buyer shall pay any costs relevant to changes to the proposal made by the buyer and following acceptance of the proposal (see note 1.)
  6. Liability for damage or loss of the goods shall be the responsibility of the buyer once delivery has been made (or on collection by the buyer or any person not appointed by the buyer). The buyer’s loss or damage of the goods in no way affects the balance due.
  7. Payment is due on delivery or collection.
  8. Any invoices unpaid after 14 days of invoicing shall have 5% of its net value added. Then, a further 5% of the compound value will be added every 28 days thereafter. (Therefore an invoice value of £100.00 will become £110.25 on the 42nd day after the invoice date). The interest rate shown is not an annual rate.
  9. A Twelve-month warranty applies only to material and workmanship carried out by the company. But shall not apply if others not nominated by the company have carried out any alterations or repairs.
  10. The company has the sole option whether to repair, replace or refund the purchase.
    Until the invoice is paid ‘in full’ and following due notification the company can remove the goods () at any time by entering any property or land owned or possessed by the buyer. The buyer shall be responsible for all costs, loss and damage involved in the removal.
  11. The Buyer shall not infringe on any designs or intellectual property belonging to the company relating to any matters supplied by the company. The company shall have conduct over all proceedings relating to its designs or intellectual property.